Student surveys provide invaluable feedback to teachers about what is working in their classroom and what isn’t. Effective teachers utilise the feedback to improve their teaching. Regular student feedback should be an integral part of school improvement. It is suggested that the survey be undertaken at the end of each term.

Formative feedback from students should be utilised to provide a clear focus for teachers to reflect on their teaching with the aim of increasing student engagement.

Students are at the centre of most decisions in schools. Increasing student engagement and the effectiveness of the teaching program are at the core of our work. Survey My Class provides teachers with formative feedback directly from their students.

The summary report provides feedback to the teacher through data and specific examples. The feedback is specifically designed to help the class teacher to refine their teaching practise to increase the engagement of their students and the effectiveness of their teaching.

Some teachers may initially find the prospect of receiving feedback from their students daunting. However, it is the quality of teaching that students receive that is the greatest in-school factor affecting student achievement. If what teachers are doing isn’t working for their students, then as the professional they have a responsibility to reflect on it and take action.

Great teachers are often affirmed by the feedback they receive from their students. This increases their job satisfaction and rewards their dedication.

If what we are doing in the classroom isn’t working for our students, why are we doing it?


  • Ready-to-use
  • Simple to administer
  • Clear reporting format
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read reports for each class
  • FAST turnaround – results provided within 48 hours of survey closing
  • Formative feedback FROM students to their teacher
  • Executive Summary provides clear benchmark
  • Interactive format provides specific feedback