Formative Feedback for Teachers from Students

Formative feedback from students provides a clear focus for teachers to reflect on their teaching and increase student engagement. SurveyMyClass surveys provide invaluable feedback to teachers about what is working in their classroom and what isn’t. Effective teachers utilise the feedback to improve their teaching. Regular student feedback should be an integral part of school improvement.

If the teacher’s approach isn’t working for the students, why are we doing it? Whilst many teachers initially find the prospect of getting feedback from their students daunting, great teachers find the feedback very affirming.

As well as providing benchmark data on how effective their practices are, teachers also receive specific information from their students on what they are doing that helps their students learn as well as areas for improvement.

There is clear evidence that the quality of teaching that students receive is the greatest in school factor affecting student achievement. Achievement data, lesson observations and student feedback should be utilised to reflect on teacher impact and effectiveness.

  • Formative feedback FROM students
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read reports for each class
  • Designed to encourage teacher reflection
  • Evidence based decision-making
  • Facilitates reflective practice

Download Sample Reports

Our interactive surveys allow us to generate an in depth report featuring an Executive Summary and unique traffic light rating system, giving an accurate summation of what your staff, students and parents are really thinking.